Why Little Renegades

I was a nervous kid who grew into an anxious adult. I spent many years tangled inside a mind that never learned how to be still. I thankfully stumbled into mindful-based exercises that gave me a doorway out of my noisy head and into a place of peace. 

Now, as a tech leader and a mom of two young kids, I’m increasingly motivated to help little ones unlock their own sense of stillness as early as possible. By teaching them how to find space — space to pause, space to breathe, space between ourselves and our reactions — we embolden their inherent capacity for stillness, confidence, and joy available to them at all times.

I hope these cards reveal a new, imaginative world for you and your little ones to explore. If nothing else, I reckon it to be time well spent together. 

Blake Lown Beers

Founder and Owner